Why you need to engage me to transform yourself?
Why? because … I Get You!

Because if you choose someone else, they will let you get away with your survival strategies & sabotaging … I Will Not!  Other coaches or consultants will say nice things to you to keep you paying them a coaching fee, but that is not me!

I definitely operate from the heart and integrity, honesty and compassion are paramount to me.

So I will go out of my way to support you no matter what, but that does not mean it has to be all about ‘peace love and pixie dust’!

I know that you probably consider yourself to be an honest person and because I know that deep down inside there is a pretty good chance that if you listened to yourself honestly you know that somehow, somewhere, YOU, OR PART OF YOU IS JUST NOT THAT HAPPY.

You try to distract yourself from the “noise’ of everything but, honestly, I know you know that something is missing or indeed mucked up!

I will assist you with seeing the truth and understand the front that you have put up and how to let it go, heal and then relax and enjoy life.

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Have you ever asked yourself, honestly,
what is stopping you?

Well, here’s the honest answer to that question.
The answer is YOU.
Yes, that is right … the answer is you.

It is not outside of you in the economy, or the way that others treat you or what others expect of you or the lack of money or time or energy or resources or any of that – IT IS YOU.

Now when you come and work with me for 6 to 12 months,  I will give you even more perspective on how that works but for the start… what I really want you to get is that YOU ALREADY KNOW EVERYTHING – you have just forgotten or don’t want to listen to the inner truth or can’t listen to your heart because it is too painful or you think it is stupid or not worth your while.

When you engage me as your Coach you go on a 6-12 month journey with me. I will help you to listen to your own  story and assist you to be honest with yourself about how you are really feeling.

We will start to shift the crap and heal.

Then unconsciously, YOU will relax at the deeper level and find the belief within yourself that you deserve to have a better life, not the external life, the internal one.

You will be supported by a straight talking intelligent, big hearted, highly experienced and worldly practitioner (me) who will hold the space for you to heal, learn and grow.
The only thing that you have to do is want it.
Do you want it?

then let’s chat ..

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I have no doubt that you are a person of many skills and at the end of the day, I know that you could teach me a thing or two about your work or your area of expertise and you know what?

I will and do honor you for expertise because I know that if I do not have knowledge in a particular area and I need to get results in that area I would either have to go and spend decades learning how to do that or I can pay an expert – that may be you in your area of expertise and I am the expert in helping you to breakthrough.

I am passionate about boldly taking you where no one else has ever gone – well you actually did, perhaps a long time ago, but since then a lot of survival mechanisms have been put in place and you have just lost the map about how to get back to the real you; the TRUE YOU.

I will help you find the map and to read the directions and more importantly to create a new map that will lead you to the future of your dreams – creating all the results, happiness and clarity that you desire.

I will be by your side, no matter what ! That’s How I Operate!

You will definitely have to pay me, but the point is that you do not pay me for my time, in fact you pay me for the solutions that will save you and you are investing in yourself. I am not doing this for the money, well, yes you are paying me, but I am doing this because you need the breakthrough and I can help you get the breakthrough.

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Your investment will be a fraction of the cost that you will have already lost in businesses, relationships, unhappiness, stress, poor choices, ill health etc and a fraction of the cost that will come out of your account at the end of your life when you get there and realise that you have not lived the life that you want.

If someone else told you to live your life in a way that just wasn’t going to work for you would you let them have that power? Would you follow them on a journey that you knew would be filled with pain and regret?

I wouldn’t think so, would you?

Honestly, deep down, don’t you want to be truly happy, aren’t you sick of the “B.S.”

And the answer to “why you should choose me?” is that I will get you to the truth of you so you can live a relaxed, free life!

If you are seriously ready and want to move into the truth and BREAKTHROUGH to your potential, then Just take ONE STEP Up out of the “B.S.”

to book a FREE chat with me to get clarity on your situation.

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I am looking forward to talking with you. Jen